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Cutting-Edge Advances in Brain Health

Cutting-Edge Advances in Brain Health

CME Registration – no fee

(Up to 2 CME credits available)

Cutting Edge Advances in Brain Health will include an evening of presentations from brain health experts at the Marcus Institute of Integrative Health. At the event, attendees will learn how an integrative approach paired with innovative technology can be utilized to improve brain health. Healthy fare and refreshments will be provided.

Event Agenda:

  • Presentation by Andrew Newberg, MD: Review on PET Imaging for Neurological and Psychiatric Conditions 
  • Presentation by Mijail Serruya, MD, PhD: An Integrative Approach to Assessing Neurocognitive Function

    Who Should Attend?

    Neurologists, psychologists, psychiatrists, and physicians generally interested in brain health.

    Date & Time: Thursday, November 9 at 6 - 8 pm

    The Marcus Institute of Integrative Health
    789 East Lancaster Avenue, Suite 110
    Villanova, PA 19085

    For more information on the event, visit our site.




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