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LifeGive Hormone Filter 60 veg capsules

LifeGive Hormone Filter 60 veg capsules

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Product Description

Formulated for men and women, this blend buffers and filters harmful estrogenic effects, allowing a balancing of the hormonal system. Ecklonia Cava Extract, sourced from brown algae, reduces cellular stress through the synergistic action of pro-circulatory, anti-inflammatory, and anti-oxidant activities. Benefits include increased energy levels, loss of body fat, muscle gains, stronger bones, regulated sleep, mood enhancements, improved sexual performance, reduced risk of heart disease, and strengthening of the immune system. Since it passes the blood-brain barrier, it also helps to support ocular function, memory and mental clarity. BroccoRaphanin is a patented extract from the proprietary blend of broccoli seeds. It is a long-lasting indirect antioxidant that protects against free radicals and provides support to the immune system. Studies suggest that the indole compound found in this blend, has the ability to positively alter estrogen metabolism, helping to reduce the risk of hormone-dependent diseases.

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