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ProEPA Xtra 1060 EPA/260 DHA - 120 Capsules

$ 60.00


  • Pharmaceutical grade ProEPA Xtra provides exceptionally high levels of the omega-3 fat EPA. Each serving provides 1060 mg of EPA and 274 mg of DHA. 
  • Nordic Naturals ProEPA Xtra supports cardiovascular health, joint mobility, proper immune function, and colon health, and supports the body' natural anti-inflammatory response.
  • ProEPA Xtra is the most powerful non-prescription omega-3 concentrate available in triglyceride form. EPA Xtra is an omega-rich formula that offers increased potency in fewer soft gels. 
  • EPA is the component of fish oil that calms tissue, helping to maintain a healthy heart and circulatory system, support enhanced gastrointestinal health, and encourage proper immune function.
  • ProEPA Xtra is in a natural triglyceride form which is 70% more absorbable than the ethyl ester form found in other fish oils. 

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